WP Newsletter – March 2021

Written and edited by Anne Sopshin 

March 10, 2021 | WP Board Meeting

March 14, 2021 | Community Campaign Celebration

March 17, 2021 | Yesod: Jewish Women’s Leadership Series Launch

April 14, 2021 | Mitzvah Day


This coming year our Federation will be providing an estimated 674,825 meals to 3,406 impoverished Broward Jewish community members. That includes children and the elderly, and people who never knew hunger before losing their jobs due to COVID. Through your donations and the services of our partners, together we help Jews of all ages, of every denomination, locally and around the world. 

All of us collectively, have a strong impact on those who need us most.



How do we define Luck?  Luck is the phenomenon and belief that defines the experience of notably positive or sometimes negative events. We should look at luck as having a positive outcome in our life- we are lucky to have amazing volunteers and professionals who work together to get things done and make a difference. 

How do we define Gratitude?  Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When we are lucky enough to work with someone who puts their heart and soul into all they do, the gratitude is monumental. It becomes a win-win!

When putting these two words together, LUCK & GRATITUDE, we acknowledge how fortunate we are and how good deeds can continue to be spread. Taking the time to put into perspective the magnitude of how strong these words are can provide a positive experience where everyone can reach a common goal and feel good about all they do.

A Look Back: February’s Jewish Women’s Learning Series

was themed around the word “gratitude.” One of the Mussar terms for gratitude is hakarat ha-tov which means “noticing/recognizing the good.” When we are sensitive enough to notice that a good deed has been done on our behalf, we will ideally and hopefully store that memory, understand that we are part of care and concern and then respond accordingly by paying it forward either directly to the person who showed the kindness or in their honor. How many of us have shown others gratitude by honoring someone with an ad in a program book, made a financial contribution in celebration of gratitude to someone for all their hard work in the community, or honored a family member with a celebration for the love & support they give? I’m sure every one of us could raise our hands to the above. It’s by showing gratitude that makes one feel loved and lucky to have you by their side. 

It takes a great deal of effort to be grateful and to show gratitude. It requires commitment and practice to bring gratitude into our daily life. Take a moment to think about who and what you are grateful for.

  • Does the volunteer work that each of you do daily bring you gratitude?  
  • Are you grateful for a friend who does something meaningful for you when you are in need?  
  • Do you show your gratitude when they do something for you? 

These are important questions to ask ourselves as we continue the commitment to helping others, our families, and our friends. For most of us reading this, it is second nature to show and feel gratitude. When we feel gratitude in our lives, we can take a step back and see how lucky and how “wealthy” we are.

On Tuesday, February 9th, many of us came together virtually to show gratitude and enjoy Hillel of Broward & Palm Beach’s “mega-event”. We listened to heartwarming stories from students and their commitment and dedication to Hillel. They discussed the friendships, relationships, experiences, and values they have gained while being part of Hillel and how it will continue on into their adult lives. The passion and gratitude they have for all that Hillel has brought to their lives, especially during this last year, was felt in their stories. They felt lucky to have embraced all that Hillel has to offer.  On a personal note, I know how important Hillel is in my family, as my son met his girlfriend at Hillel at Emory University. He said their tagline was she got me at Hillel.  Hillel was a very important time in their college experience while away from home. Thank you for indulging me…

Now back to our local event…“The Brady Bunch” theme was used throughout Hillel of Broward & Palm Beach’s event, which included clips from some of our favorite episodes.  How many of you knew that there would be a clip of Jan saying, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?”  It was classic and certainly brought us back to our childhood.  Rabbi Rose Durbin even used the phrase to paraphrase in her speech when she said, “Parsha, Parsha, Parsha”- it was a cute way to connect the evening. However, the most touching part of the evening was when we were “transported” to our community breakout rooms to honor, celebrate and show gratitude to our very own Carrie & David Schulman for their selflessness, kindness and compassion, which they exemplify in their daily lives. Carrie & David are examples of what true mentors, mensch’s and leaders are.  We thank them for everything they have done and continue to do in our community and around the world.

Super Sunday was held on Sunday, February 21, with 75 “super-hero” callers rising to the occasion to make the “ask.”  It was a great success due in part to your participation. Whether you could speak live to a donor or leave a message, the support, you provided helped to close 369 gifts and surpass the goal of $150,000 for a grand total of  $177,000. Reaching a person who, even during difficult times, was still willing and able to give a gift was a wonderful feeling. We felt lucky that they were willing to “answer the call,” and we felt such gratitude for their gift, no matter the amount. The gratitude continued when the call ended with the donor saying “thanks for all you do for our community;” this made the task that much more profound.  Words like that feed the soul and help us continue our commitment to our community and those around the world.  It just takes a word of gratitude from each of us to know that what we are doing is appreciated. It was nice to take a little break from calling to catch up with some of the ladies of WP at the “WP drop-in session.” Those of us who attended were able to share our stories of conversations and monies raised. It helped all of us to hear that while many messages were left, many calls were answered and whether the donation was $18 or $360 or whether the person who hadn’t given in years decided this was the year to give, together, today, we all made a difference.  It was a successful day!  A big shout out to the Federation Professionals who, along with the Super Sunday co-chairs, Stephanie Salomon & Eric Antmann, and Campaign Chair Jeff Sopshin, worked tirelessly to ensure that this virtual Super Sunday was a great success. Kudos to you all!!

While there may not have been many virtual events to attend this month, the celebrations, work and commitment never cease. There are always so many things to look forward to.  Beginning on March 17, our Leadership Series 2.0 will begin under the guidance of Rabbi Arnie Samlan and Sarah DeWoskin.  Fifteen women leaders will have the opportunity to learn and engage as they discuss everything from their journey to leadership, the difference between power and influence, growing from failure to mentoring, nurturing, making change, and creating a leadership pipeline through this program developed by Dr. Erica Brown. The series will conclude with a celebration of our graduates sometime in May or June.  Any chance we get to learn is a blessing. We are grateful to Judy Spatz, Lori Mizels, and Rosita Beer for their vision and for bringing this program to us.

One event that we always look forward to is our CCC- Community Campaign Celebration.  Who remembers last year at Temple Kol Ami, where we celebrated together, 100’s strong, not knowing if we should shake hands, elbow bump, or blow air kisses?  Who knew what was going to be in store for us just a few weeks later? Now a year later, while so much has changed and the way we connect has changed, our programs continue. While we will still have 100’s in attendance, and while we won’t be physically together, we will come together virtually to celebrate all that Federation and each of you accomplished this past year.  Please save the date of Sunday, March 14, for the “Here for Good” Community Campaign Celebration.  To register, go to

Our featured guest will be Liev Schreiber, and there will be a performance by SIX13.  If you have never heard them, google them, they are truly amazing.

The Dignity Project continues to still be going strong.  Deliveries were recently made to WECARE, Cupboard, Women in Distress, and PACE.  The recipients of feminine hygiene products are eternally grateful for our continued support and contributions. More information will be forthcoming for another donation collection surrounding Mitzvah Day. 

Since you will have received this newsletter before Passover, we want to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a Chag Pesach Sameach. While we might not be gathering around the Seder Table with all of our loved ones, we have had a year to perfect how we can zoom with family and friends to make our holidays feel celebratory while creating new memories. May this Passover bring you peace, health, happiness, and much love and gratitude!