Woman of Now: Sheri Fiske Schultz

Sheri Fiske Schultz has been dedicated to committees within her profession and in the greater community since the beginning of her career and has been a well-known trailblazer here with the Jewish Federation of Broward County over the past few decades. 

As a mother and business woman, she acknowledges that Federation is not only a place for peer-to-peer leadership, but also where one can get involved in community with their children.  A place where families can give back alongside each other and where women can seek out help when they need it.

As a mentor to other women in the community, she emphasizes the importance of being there for others.  Sheri has been instrumental in educating and leading young women into the agencies behind the Jewish Federation of Broward County and further along into leadership roles.  Whether through mitzvah projects, collecting clothing for women starting out in business after domestic violence or bringing new faces to her table at events with the Jewish Federation of Broward County, she is fully-committed to sustaining our philanthropic future.  

Sheri has inspired countless women in becoming financially independent and personally invested in showing up for their community through the many engagement opportunities Federation offers, from joining social outings through ambassadorship and taking on leadership roles.

“The more involved I am in mentoring other women, the more I feel fulfilled.  Giving is not just monetary – find something you excel at, your passion, and share your experience with others!” she advises.

If you have had the honor of hearing Sheri Fiske Schultz speak or watch her in action on the many committees and task forces she has proven committed to over the past decades, you will agree that she exemplifies a Woman of Now.

In 1986, still early in her career at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC), she was approached by Tom Katz (son of the late and beloved Herb Katz, first president of the Jewish Federation of Broward County) to represent the Federation on the board of the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC).   Even then, she knew that a more active role would allow her to give input and influence while molding the future.

By 2004, the Women’s Executive Circle was born, which created space for full-time, Jewish business women to be involved in Federation undeterred by their demanding schedules and create opportunity to connect through friendship and empowerment through philanthropy.  Sheri Fiske Schultz went on to hold a leadership role within the group and is now more involved than ever. Most recently, Sheri co-chaired The Event “Strength in Numbers” in December, which featured the Israeli speaker, Lital Shemesh.

“WEC embraces professional women. Together, this fantastic group embraces our community of women who need us most.”  Sheri proclaims.  

Giving back to the community was a passion for Sheri instilled since childhood with her father’s support and partnership in the Jewish Federation of Broward County.  She exemplifies the value of community engagement and leadership, bringing forth her father’s legacy of involvement, forging her own leadership path and passing it forward through her children.  The generational impact can already be seen through her children in their respect for those around them and how they are making a difference in the world. 

The greatest decision she ever made was in joining her father, Alan Fiske, her inspiration and founder of Fiske & Company. Together, they built the forensic accounting valuation and litigation support practice, bridging both the legal and financial professions. Honor, truth and integrity are hallmark qualities that have defined her brand as expert counsel in forensic accounting and business valuation. Her exemplary dedication to uncovering the facts and upholding standards of comprehensive problem-solving has won her prestigious leadership awards and public recognition.

Sheri’s Tips for Success 

Get Involved

Follow Your Passion

Give It Your All

Ignite Others 

“It is through WEC and the agencies Federation supports that we make a difference in other women’s lives.” ~ Sheri Fiske Schultz, Chair, Women’s Executive Circle