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Khalil Sayegh is a Palestinian Christian, a fellow at The Philos Project. He was born and raised into a Palestinian refugee family in The Gaza Strip and lived there through the Second Intifada and the 2008 Gaza war. Khalil has grown bitter and hostile towards Israelis and Jews whom he did not have any proper knowledge of except the history classes at his school. And Through the frequent Israeli airstrikes, which he saw as an attempt by the Israelis to eliminate his people. After he moved to the West Bank, Khalil was challenged by the teaching of Christianity, which led him on a journey to understand the people he used to see as his enemy. His included meeting Israelis for the first time, reading essential Jewish and zionist literature, and Palestinian perspectives on those issues. His quest for truth led him to a new view in which he deeply empathized with the Palestinians and Israelis regarding their experiences of the conflict. However, Khalil significantly differs from his Palestinian peers by rejecting all forms of Anti Jewishness; he sees no hope for peace through a two-state solution unless Palestinians accept Jewish peoplehood and their legitimate connection to the Land. While he also believes that Israelis need to acknowledge the existence of the Palestinian people and their deep connection to the Land. For the last five years, Khalil has worked to advocate for these moderate points of view in the Palestinian territories, especially among young people; he has organized several dialogue events for young Israelis and Palestinians to discuss issues they differ on. Khalil has written several Articles at Providence Magazine and Forward Magazine and spoke at different conferences about his perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As of January 2021, Khalil lives in Washington, DC, working on a Graduate degree in comparative politics. Previously, he has earned a Bachelor's degree in Christian Theology from Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem West Bank.

See Khalil speak at Israel on Campus on January 30th, 2022.