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Who We Are:

The Jewish Women's Foundation (JWF) Trustees are a group of philanthropic women who are committed to transforming the lives of Jewish women and girls and fostering life-long social change, one woman at a time. Through our generous allocation of innovative grants, programs here in Broward County and Israel are making a real difference by providing educational opportunities, crisis relief, and advocacy. JWF Trustees are decision-makers—analyzing needs, comparing grants, voting on grant applications, and evaluating outcomes.


Our Guiding Values:

• Increase public awareness of issues directly affecting the lives of Jewish women and girls
• Advocate for social change, positive behaviors and empowering relationships
• Select grant programs that provide diverse resources, opportunities, and choices for Jewish women and girls
• Seek solutions through granting recipient agencies and organizations that meet needs beyond those currently being met in Broward County and Israel

JWF has proudly allocated over $248,400 in grants to help transform the lives of women and girls in Broward County and Israel.

JWF Trustees & Membership Information


Individual membership shall be through a financial contribution in one of five categories:


Changing Lives JWF | Jewish Federation of Broward County


Lori Adelson
Margie Albert
Arlene Backman
Jane Basch
Terry Breitbord
Diana Charles-Atlas
Karen Dombey
Goldie Dropkin
Wandy Druss
Adrienne Frank
Laura Gordon
Randi Grant
Agnes Gray
Sheryl Greenwald
Gladys Hirschman
Bette Hochberger
Marcy Hoffman
Joan Kuriansky
Carol Lasek
Denise Lettau**
Jami Levy
Audrey Meline
Elissa Mogilefsky

Robbin Newman
Karen Roberts*
Susan Samrick
Karen Saster
Stephanie Saunders
Susan Schneider
Ibby Schulman
Esther Shacket***
Nicole Shacket**
Gina Shull
Gina Stelnik
Corina Waldman(zl)

**Past Chair
as of November 2021

JWF Grants Awards & Application Information

2022 Grant Co-Chairs:
Sheryl Greenwald & Robbin Newman

Jewish Women’s Foundations Grants as of June 2021: $248,400 



Awarded to YOZMOT ATID, this program focuses on unemployed or underemployed women from Israel’s geographic periphery and will give them the skills to run their own businesses. Following the participant's preparatory coursework, they will begin an 8-week training session which includes marketing, financial management, taxation, and more.  Following the training sessions, there will be personalized business mentoring and coaching, loans at friendly rates, business networking opportunities, enrichment workshops, and much more.


Awarded to MACHSHAVA TOVA, this program focuses on Jewish girls in grades 7 – 9 from 4 underserved communities in Israel’s geographic periphery and seeks to bolster Jewish girls’ confidence in their abilities and future accomplishments.  APP2U combines learning new tech tools and girl power.  The girls are introduced to inspirational women around the world and meet local women mentors. The 40-hour course includes 20, 2-hour sessions and at least one special event.  The program is based on a project-based learning approach – learning a new tool, researching using that tool, building a product using that tool, and sharing with the group. 


Awarded to JAFCO, this program focuses on Jewish Moms raising a child or children with developmental disabilities and will include four wellness retreats that will support and empower moms to decrease their stress levels while increasing their social interactions and self-care. For many of the moms, the retreats are the only time they will be away from the care of their child.  The retreats will include yoga, drumming circles, spa services, and more and will allow them to renew, relax and refresh.  Childcare will be provided by JAFCO, as these moms report feeling safe leaving their children with the JAFCO well-trained staff.


Goodman Jewish Family Services - $7,500

The program Your Voice Your Choice is a series of workshops geared to promote safety, security, strength, and self-esteem for teens and young adults.  The workshops include topics such as safe dating, healthy relationships, and consent, bullying, identifying abuse, speaking up, how to get help, and debunking myths about abuse in the Jewish community.

Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach - $5,800

The program Women’s Jewish Leadership Fellowship is a 10-week theme-based seminar led by the Hillel Rabbi and NSU Engagement Associate with study of rabbinic texts alongside contemporary analogs, learning skills to express and defend themselves, leadership skills, weekly dinners together, and including Hillel JLF interns to enhance the social interactions in and outside of class, and Shabbat experiences together as a cohort.

Be’er Sova - $5,000

The program The Recipe for Success Project provides culinary training, skill-building and emotional support to help southern Israeli women who suffer from nutritional insecurity and unemployment to break free of the cycle of poverty, eventually becoming financially independent and ensuring long-term job retention in the food industry

Eretz-Ir - $10,000

The program Tech Training with Guaranteed Jobs for Negev Women is a holistic 4-month comprehensive training program, followed by a 4-month paid internship program that will teach young women to build websites using the WIX platform.  Graduates will be able to work from home, with guaranteed 2-year job placements with TribeStudio and Eretz Ir will continue providing support for program graduates for the first 6 months

JWF COVID Emergency Grants – This includes a generous match from the Sam Berman Charitable Foundation

$10,000 JWF Emergency Grant

Awarded to the Goodman Jewish Family Services (GJFS).  Funds will be distributed to single moms who are clients of GJFS.  These funds will go to rent emergency assistance and other immediate needs such as electricity and other bills.  Additionally, GJFS will distribute gift cards to these same moms, $100 per adult and $50 per child as needed.  The distribution of gift cards may be made over a 2-month period.

$10,000 JWF Scholarship Fund

This is a scholarship fund for women, regardless of age, who have been affected by the COVID pandemic and who need to re-train, re-direct their careers, and/or return to the workforce.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation Scholarship Fund awards dollars (a minimum of $500) to prospective Broward Technical College ("BTC") female students who have been affected by COVID-19. Those awarded scholarships would enter the “Career in a Year” Program(s) and participate in its online platform beginning on August 1st.



Awarded to WEPOWER in Tel Aviv, Israel, this grant helps to identify and train women to become leaders in their local area, promote change, and take on public roles.  WePower is the only NGO in Israel which proactively focuses on advancing women to top influential positions at the highest decision-making levels in government and in the public arena, thus propelling social change leading to a more equal, civic society.


Awarded to ORR SHALOM FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH AT RISK in Beit Shemesh, Israel, this grant focuses on the damage caused by sexual abuse and educates the girls towards healthy sexuality.  Orr Shalom is a non-profit organization that rescues Israel’s children who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services following severe abuse, neglect, and tragedy.  By providing safe loving homes, educational, psychological, and material support, Orr Shalom enables the children in its care to break the cycle of abuse, overcome their past and prepare for life as independent adults. 


($5,000 plus a $5,000 match from the Sam Berman Foundation and a $1,000 from an anonymous donor)

Awarded to the DAVID POSNACK JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER in Broward County, this grant focuses on personal safety, including cyber theft and scams, financial stability and planning, and mental and physical wellbeing for women.  The mission of the DPJCC is to enrich lives by connecting people through cultural, educational, social, recreational, and wellness programs in an environment of fun, friendship, and unity.


Production of Movies for Sexual Abuse Prevention Workshops for Young Adults and to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - $8,000

Awarded to Tahel – Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children, this grant will go to help produce 2 films to prevent sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.  The films will be used in workshops and a digital campaign and will be available on USB so they can be discreetly distributed.  Most noteworthy, the films are suitable to the sensitivities of the ultra-Orthodox community.

Women's Mentorship Initiative - $8,000

Awarded to Southern NCSY, this program pairs teenage women in the 9th – 12th grades with successful, accomplished women who have made an impact in their community.  During the yearlong program, the mentors will show and teach the teenage cohort that it is possible to be strong influential women in today's world who can be heard and affect change to make their communities a better place.

Change the Culture $20,000

($5,000 plus an additional $15,000 from a partnership with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, JWF of South Palm Beach, and JWF of the Greater Palm Beaches)

Awarded to Jewish Women's International JWI, this multifaceted program for Jewish college students tackles the epidemic of campus sexual assault with the goal of changing attitudes, supporting survivors, empowering women, and engaging men as allies   JWI will partner with the University of Miami Hillel and Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach on their NSU and FAU campuses.  The program will include training for peer leaders and professional staff, film screenings and discussion, a Shabbat dinner program, workshops, and a public awareness campaign.


Wellness and Retreat for Mom's Raising Children with Special Needs - $15,000

$12,000 plus a $3,000 match from the Sam Berman Foundation

Awarded to JAFCO, the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Organization, this grant supports and empowers Jewish mothers of children with developmental disabilities through weekly support groups, monthly parent education services, social activities, a special wellness retreat, all geared to support women in making positive change for themselves, their children their families and the community as a whole.

Generating Occupational Horizons for Girls at Risk - From Risk to Resilience $8,000

Awarded to Israel Sci-Tech School in Israel, this grant is geared to girls ages 14-19 who come from high-risk situations, including poverty, domestic abuse & violence. This program will address body image, couples and family communication skills, eating disorders, healthy lifestyle through low-cost healthy nutrition, sports, leadership skills, technological and computer training, and much more.

2012 – 2016

Alma Derech Eretz - $30,000

($10,000 plus a $20,000 double match from the Jewish Community Foundation)

Awarded to Alma Derech Eretz, this grant enabled young Jewish women from disadvantaged backgrounds in Israel to experience the personal growth and preparation that will pave the way for meaningful army service and is key to lifetime success in Israeli society.

Money Management for Moms - $20,000

Awarded to JAFCO and the Soref JCC, this grant provided for series of workshops to women and girls dealing with basic economic literacy including topics such as budgeting, credit, legal documents, mortgages, and savings.

Alma Derech Eretz - $15,000

($5,000 plus a $10,000 double match from the Jewish Community Foundation)

Awarded to Alma Derech Eretz, this grant enabled young Jewish women from disadvantaged backgrounds in Israel to experience the personal growth and preparation that will pave the way for meaningful army service and is key to lifetime success in Israeli society.

Just Us Girls - $3,600

Awarded to Chai Lifeline, this grant provided for a series of workshops to help mothers and daughters who are grappling with a critically ill child or sibling.

Bringing Women to the Fore - $10,000

($5,000 plus a $5,000 match from the Jewish Community Foundation)

In partnership with 17 other Jewish Women's funds, awarded a two-year grant to Itach-Makki, the lead agency of feminist organizations that combat against discrimination of women in Israel. This grant provided for services that addressed women's exclusion and discrimination in wages, employment, education, and public resources.

Karen Roberts

Karen K. Roberts, CLU, ChFC Jewish Women's Foundation Chair

Karen is passionate about helping women take control of their finances which is why she found The Emerald Financial Group in 2005. Karen is on a mission to educate and empower women to take control of their financial futures. Her goal is to work with clients to help them have the retirement experience that they want and deserve. Karen’s philosophy is simple: “Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow!”

A believer of giving back to the community, Karen was honored as the 2015 Financial Planning Foundation’s Pro Bono Award Winner. She currently serves as the chair for the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Broward County, a group dedicated to helping Jewish women grow and succeed. She also serves as a financial advisor for her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta on the campus of Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Karen is a mentor within the financial services industry, supporting women to become more successful in their careers. She is also an advocate for foster children.

Karen learned about JWF by helping to develop a new educational program for the Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options (JAFCO), a non-profit organization providing services to abused and neglected children in South Florida. The program, Financial Fitness for Women, teaches women (of age for foster care release, suddenly single, and single mothers) how to be in control of their money.  JAFCO was awarded the grant for this program through the JWF.

One of the highlights of Karen’s career occurred on December 26, 2011 when she had the honor of ringing the New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell. 

Esther Shacket Photo

Esther Shacket Jewish Women's Foundation Founder

Esther Shacket was born in Poland and raised in Israel, where she served in the IDF before immigrating to the US in 1974. As a child of Holocaust survivors, it guided and shaped the direction she would take in life. After arriving in the US, she met her husband Roger. Together with their two children, Kevin and Nicole, they have built a life of philanthropy. Since 1978 Esther has been involved in the Broward Jewish Community and held a multitude of positions at many Jewish organizations, including her role as B’nai Brith Women’s Regional Chair of 11 States (D.C. - Florida), and Past National Board member of Jewish Women International. She is a founding member of the KOLOT coalition at Jewish Family Services of Broward County,

Continuing her endeavors, she began her involvement with the Jewish Federation of Broward County in the early 2000s with Women’s Division and served as N. Area Campaign Chair.  She chaired the Israel and Overseas committee where she flourished as the 1st Steering Committee Chair of the Broward / Nesher, Israel Partnership. In 2007, Esther & Roger Shacket founded the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Broward County, where she formed a group of philanthropic women who are committed to transforming the lives of Jewish women and girls and fostering life-long social change, one woman at a time.

Expanding her involvement, she has held positions such as Broward Jewish Women’s Division Nominating Committee Chair, Jewish Community Foundation of Broward Governance Chair, Broward Jewish Federation Missions Chair, Broward Jewish Federation Major Gifts Chair, and from 2017 - 2019, she held the position of Board Chair of the Jewish Community Foundation of Broward.

Today, she sits on the Israel & Overseas Impact Team, is the Life & Legacy Chair, Vice Board Chair for the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and is a Board Member for Women’s Philanthropy.

Outside of her tumultuous philanthropic endeavors, she owns R.N.S. Associates, Property Development & Management Company and is a Certified Florida Supreme Court, Appointed, Family, Mediator. She is the proud recipient of the Jewish Federation WD Lisa Shulman Leadership Award, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Mother of the Year Award, Jewish Family Services Women of Valor Award, Soref  JCC Alvin Gross Community Service Award,  Jewish Federation Dedicated Leadership Award, and Jewish Community Foundation Outstanding Leadership Award.