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Since Monday, May 10, Israel has been under relentless attack by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The number of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip is approaching 4,000.  Rockets have been fired from Southern Lebanon as well and Hamas militants continue to attempt to infiltrate from Gaza into southern Israel through tunnels in an effort to kill more Israeli citizens and the IDF troops that work tirelessly to foil these terrorists incursions.

Once again, Israelis - men, women, and children are being senselessly and randomly attacked and need to run to bomb shelters with just a few seconds warning. The barrage of rockets continues unabated and twelve Israelis have now been killed in these attacks including a member of the IDF. Nearly 1,000 have also been seriously wounded.

Unfortunately, there appears to be little hope for an immediate end of these attacks by the Hamas terrorists and other militia groups working in concert with them. Israelis living in the South are evacuating to the center of the country and the toll of those suffering serious injury, shock, and trauma grows with each passing hour.

We can and we must respond. The Jewish Federation of Broward County has initiated an Israel Emergency Campaign Fund to meet the urgent needs of victims of terror and those suffering from the trauma precipitated by the ongoing attacks from Gaza and from the alarming number of serious attacks that are occurring inside of Israel at an increasing rate.

Please respond today with your generous support. All of the funds raised will be used to meet immediate and urgent needs on the ground.  Your contribution today will directly benefit the Jewish Agency’s Fund for the Victims of Terror, the Israel Trauma Coalition as well as providing special emergency funding for several of our Israeli partner agencies who receive ongoing support from our Israel and Overseas Impact Grants and who have been directly affected by this crisis.

We know that we can always count on your support, and in these hours and days of urgent emergency needs, we are certain we can count on you once again.

Thank you!

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