Man of the moment: Jarred Elmar

Jarred Elmar is the Managing Partner of The Geneva Group, a leading real estate investment and property services firm specializing in acquiring and managing commercial properties, such as neighborhood retail centers, light industrial and small bay warehouse complexes, office buildings, and multi-family apartments. Since 1999, Jarred and his partners have acquired and managed their own portfolio with over 1.8 million square feet of retail, multi-family, industrial and residential acquisitions to date and are recognized as one of the leading firms in South Florida. 

Jarred grew up in South Florida, before relocating to the Atlanta metro area, where he began purchasing single family homes on the courthouse steps shortly after high school. After acquiring dozens of rental homes, he sold the residential portfolio and began investing in apartment communities, while at the same time, acquiring value-add office buildings and retail shopping centers. Shortly after Jarred returned to South Florida. 

Jarred has created an impressive real estate portfolio both with no formal education, financial backing or previous experience. His entrepreneurial mindset was instilled by his grandfather, who raised him. He grew up with the notion that one must be a self-starter and a passionate individual to make a difference. No matter their financial situation, his grandfather always gave back to his community and ensured that Jarred understood the importance of philanthropic giving.

While this belief stayed with Jarred, he admits that it took some time for it to come full circle. After years of growing his business, he felt like something was missing, a philanthropic tie-in. He began connecting with friends who were involved with the Jewish Federation of Broward County and decided to sponsor Men’s Nite Out with Emmitt Smith. 

The Jewish Federation of Broward County became an outlet for Jarred to network with others in the community. He joined the Federation Board of Directors in 2015, sat as the Chair of the Real Estate Division, and currently is a member of National Young Leadership Cabinet. As a member of Cabinet, Jarred had the opportunity to see first hand how the Federation dollars are supporting Jews in need worldwide. He has visited international Jewish Schools and Jewish Community Centers in Russia, attended the Cabinet Real Estate Retreat in Colorado and most recently visited a remote city in Georgia. He has also traveled with Federation to Cuba and Israel where he celebrated his first time visiting the country. While on the trip with JFNA, he experienced Masada, The Western Wall, and put on tefillin for the first time. He found purpose while interacting with Holocaust survivors who shared their stories of empowerment. It was immediately following this trip, that he wanted to give his legacy to the Jewish Federation of Broward County. 

Jarred states, “Because of my involvement at the Federation, the relationships I’ve made and the people I’ve surrounded myself with have catapulted me into the top of my industry. It’s so true that your the company you keep.” He continues, “Hang with people smarter, more experienced in business and in life than yourself. What better people to be with than those who are giving of their time and money to make real change consistently.” 

Jarred credits the Federation for impacting his life, by stating, “To experience what our dollars do for our global community and be able to see it as intimately as the study Missions offer. It’s allowed me to work that philanthropy muscle more so than ever. It’s helped me realize and work toward my “why” which is to create the Elmar legacy by giving away 75% of my net worth while still living on the 25% the way I want to live.”

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