About our Jewish Community Foundation

The Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Broward County is proud to serve as the central endowment fund for the entire Broward Jewish community.

The Jewish Community Foundation seeks to creatively fulfill the charitable objectives you envision by creating a Jewish legacy.

Imagine a Broward Jewish community that can:

Address the needs of the nearly 25% of seniors living at or below the poverty line; Offer programs and services to families of children who have aged out of special needs services; Resettle over 1,300 Ethiopian Jews in Gondar awaiting to make Aliyah; Respond to Jews in the Former Soviet Union, Europe and South America currently on waiting lists to flee their country; Respond to emergencies in our back yard; Make Jewish life exciting, engaging, world-class and affordable. Do so much more.

What issues are you passionate about?

What do you see as innovative in the Philanthropic world?

If you could solve any problem, what would it be and why?

Have you considered creating your Jewish legacy?

Your legacy can reflect everything that is most important and meaningful to you. A legacy planning process can be the catalyst for meaningful conversations with your family and can build bonds with partners in our community.

Jewish tradition teaches us that it is our responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations. Chances are you have spent a lifetime helping people. A legacy gift is a great way to perpetuate your support for the work of the organizations that were important to you during your lifetime.

Your legacy can be structured to fit your lifestyle, goals, and your family’s financial needs.

Creating your own Jewish legacy ensures that you will be remembered and that your work and values will continue when you are no longer here. It also serves as an example of ongoing kindness to your loved ones. It teaches them the value you’ve placed on supporting the Jewish community.

Planned gifts are creative ways to support the Jewish Federation of Broward County, in ways the Federation, you and your loved ones can all benefit at the same time.

Planning your estate and legacy for future generations including your charitable interests takes careful evaluation. Consulting with the appropriate professionals can assist you. Discussing your charitable intentions with us can lead to a much better result than going it alone - and will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. We can provide valuable information about any of the creative giving techniques mentioned in these planned giving pages.

Act now to take the steps that you need to do to be a good steward of the resources you intend to leave behind.

For more information on creating a Jewish legacy, please contact Keith Goldmann, Chief Philanthropy Officer, at (954) 660-2085 or kgoldmann@jewishbroward.org

Foundation Board of Trustees


2021/22 Voting Board of Trustees
David Appel
Alan Cohn
Sheryl Greenwald
Bill Gross
Marc Lowell
Dan Newman
Gary Opper
Karen Roberts
Ron Rothschild
Jeffrey Sandler
Jeffrey Saster
Barry Schneirov
Sheri Schultz
David Shulman
Troy Sorel
Mitch Starr
Robert Tache
Becki Tinter

Past Foundation Board Chairs
Doug Berman
Alan Cohn
Gordon Deckelbaum
Libo Fineberg
Marty Gerber
Gene Glasser
Bill Gross
Ray Leightman
Jeff Saster
Esther Shacket
Ricky Weiss
Lifetime Trustees
Audrey Meline
Sam Meline
Myron Sandler
Selma Telles
David Schulman

Lifetime Trustees
Audrey Meline
Sam Meline
Myron Sandler
Selma Telles
David Schulman

Keith Goldmann

Keith Goldmann Chief Philanthropy Officer

Did You Know?

South Florida is home to the third-largest Holocaust survivor community in the world.