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Expanded Critical Support

The Expanded Critical Supports program provides desperately needed financial assistance to vulnerable seniors including Holocaust Survivors. These individuals have experienced a devastating trauma in their lives and now face the horrific prospect of homelessness, loss of utilities, or the inability to pay for critical health needs.

This fund supports:

  • Holocaust Survivors who spent months and years in concentration camps, or hiding, or fleeing from the Nazis.
  • Senior citizens who are raising their grandchildren, due to their child’s tragic death or drug usage, or mental illness.
  • Elderly Broward Jewish community members who fled extraordinarily difficult situations in Russia, Venezuela, Argentina, and other countries, and now find themselves in desperate need.

Your gift will:

  • Ensure that an elderly Holocaust Survivor who spent months in cramped, dark, unsanitary conditions, hiding from the Nazis, is able to pay the electric bill that will keep his refrigerator, lights, and air conditioner running. $300
  • Make it possible for an elderly community member isolated as he gradually loses his hearing, to purchase desperately needed hearing aids (which are not covered by Medicare) $2000
  • Assist a widowed senior, who can no longer live in a lower-cost senior community because she’s now raising her grandchildren, afford housing that allows children, so her grandchildren will not need to be sent to foster care. $3000
  • Cover the vital medical expenses including medication and home health assistance $5000