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Some Were Neighbors Poster Exhibit

Event Date and Time:

October 5, 2023 - October 28, 2023

Collaboration between Arthur and Emalie Gutterman Family Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education and the University Galleries

Some Were Neighbors is a traveling poster exhibition curated by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The exhibition examines the role of ordinary people during the Holocaust. The central role of Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders is indisputable, but they depended on countless others. Why were there some zealous participants in the persecution of Jews, while most simply went along or joined in? Why did so few help the victims? This poster series examines the motives and pressures that influenced the choices and behaviors of individuals during the Holocaust. Registration:  Some Were Neighbors Opening Event – Google Forms

Event Organizer:

Ellen Sax


FAU Schmidt Center Public Space – Art Galleries – PA Building

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