Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) Hosting the Director of SSEJ, Jeremy Feit

July 15, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Men of Reform Judaism (MRJ) will be hosting the director of SSEJ, Jeremy Feit, to learn more about the situation in Ethiopia, SSEJ’s work, and how to be involved. The session with Jeremy will take place on Thursday, July 15 at 8 PM.

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Earlier this year, MRJ hosted a wonderful session with Deputy Consul General Kasa Bainesay-Harbor and heard about her journey of coming to Israel from Ethiopia and rising in the ranks to become an Israeli diplomat. Together, with MRJ we invite you to learn more about the Ethiopian Jewish community left behind.

Did you know that:

  • Currently, there are 14,000 Jews left in Ethiopia, including about 5,000 children, living as refugees in Gondar and Addis Ababa, waiting to immigrate to Israel.
  • The World Health Organization says that Ethiopia is gravely at risk for the COVID – 19 pandemic. The hospitals are full and, unfortunately, these refugees cannot implement basic preventative measures.
  • Social distancing is impossible: families of up to 8 crowd into one-room mud huts without plumbing. They do not have money for soap and primary medical care is beyond their means, let alone access to respirators.
  • These refugees remain under these appalling conditions, lacking access to adequate medical care and food. Children, pregnant women, and the elderly suffer the worst.
  • Children who do not receive proper nutrition before age five, suffer irreversible consequences such as stunted growth and improper brain development.
  • Because of Covid and the political situation, these fellow Jews can’t make Aliyah to Israel now. But there is now hope with the new government in place!

Currently, due to very limited resources, SSEJ is making a tough decision to prioritize food & medical services for acutely malnourished children ages five and under.

We hope you can join us on July 15.

You can also visit our webpage to watch the video and donate to help us reach our united Jewish Broward community’s goal to help our Ethiopian brothers & sisters:

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