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Joseph Bau Exhibition Opening

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February 13 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

An exhibition of Joseph Bau, artist, counterfeiter, and Mossad agent. Bau’s hidden access to pen and ink during the Holocaust allowed him to forge documents, saving his life and countless others. The Joseph Bau exhibition will feature a collection of his significant contributions to the art of the Holocaust, offering a poignant reflection on wartime realities and the joy Bau found in post-war Israel. We are honored to be joined by the artist’s daughters, Clila + Hadasa Bau, who will speak about their father’s life, love and legacy at the opening in conversation with Mr. Eli Bartov, who lectures on the Jewish influence on the Far East and Israeli intelligence.

About Joseph Bau:
Joseph Bau, a Polish-born Israeli artist, philosopher, inventor, animator, comedian, and survivor of the Płaszów concentration camp, left an indelible mark on the world through his multifaceted talents. Trained as a graphic artist in Kraków, Poland, his education was disrupted by World War II, and he was deported to the Płaszów concentration camp.
Despite the unimaginable adversities he faced, Bau showcased extraordinary resilience and creativity. Employed in the camp for his talent in gothic lettering, he covertly created a miniature illustrated book with his poetry. He also forged documents for those who managed to escape from the camp. In a remarkable display of love, Bau married fellow inmate Rebecca Tennenbaum in secrecy at Płaszów, an event later dramatized in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. Bau was transferred to Gross-Rosen concentration camp and then to Schindler’s camp where he stayed until the end of the war, while Rebecca was sent to Auschwitz.

Post-liberation, Bau completed his degree in Plastic Arts, immigrated to Israel with his family, and became a prominent graphic artist, contributing to the film industry. His memoir, “Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry?” and animated films earned him acclaim, earning him the title of the “Israeli Walt Disney.”





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Joni Finkelstein, Philanthropy Assistant


David Posnack JCC

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