Chai Lighting: Joe & Robbi Alexander

Dr. Joe Alexander is the type of man to hold the door for passers-by and give just the right greeting to each one.  His greatest cheerleader and wife, Robbi Alexander, is the type of woman to give you a piece of her heart and educated perspective that you hadn’t realized you needed.  The Alexanders win your heart over. They, along with their spunky and social pup, Rocky, are so warm and welcoming that you are instantly swept up in their charm and personality! 

The Alexanders found each other later in life through JDate and were happily married by Rabbi Jacobs of Ramat Shalom in March of 2012.  They have since lived in the vibrant community of Weston. He is an avid writer, creating short stories and working on a new book, and she enjoys mahjong, canasta and staying actively connected with the community.

Their humble nature belies the magnitude of their support to the Jewish Federation of Broward County and contribution to its Jewish Community Foundation as Legacy members.

When learning about their qualification into Chai Care and the services encompassed within the program, acceptance came easily to Joe.  He regularly visits and cares for his sole sister as she resides in a group home that can provide the around-the-clock assistance she requires with her special needs.  But who will care for them as they age and their needs change? 

“For me, it is very important to have the support system behind me to advocate and make sure things are taken care of – and taken care of correctly,” he emphasizes.  

Care is something Dr. Joe Alexander took seriously in his career as a radiologist, specializing in diseases and cancer of the breast.  His dedication goes beyond the patient room; he can’t help but provide professional feedback to all of his neighbors within the community who regularly bring him everything from health questions to diagnoses and mammography files. 

Breast health is an important cause the whole family champions.  Robbi is a breast cancer survivor herself and co-chaired a luncheon for survivors this past October.  Her daughter, Blake Bergman Starr (wife to Mitchell Starr of Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr), presented medals at the function.  Robbi’s compassion for others is exemplified in her daughter, who founded the non-profit We Finish Together as showcased in Runner’s World Magazine.  The non-profit provides hope and positivity, strength and connection to individuals facing deep personal challenges in their lives.  

“People are basically good. Be kind.  Be good to one another,” Robbi advises.  Although she is now retired from her work in psychotherapy, it remains her passion and lifestyle.  She gives free therapy advice to everyone she knows, including her network of professionals. “Have empathy,” she says, “Have compassion.  And have fun while doing it!” You can often find her at the mahjong tables doing just that!  

Community is at the heart of the Alexanders life and this couple with wonderfully warm hearts give of themselves generously.  Joe says of his wife, “When I ask where is Robbi, I go looking for people who would be sitting all alone with no one and that’s where I’ll find her,” he continued, “We don’t have anyone, but we have Chai Care!  Thank G-d there’s something called Chai Care.”

To discuss qualification and benefits of Chai Care, please contact Esther Cohen, Chai Care Director, by phone (954) 252-6952 or email