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By Jen Appel | June 15, 2020

Woman of Now: Sheri Fiske Schultz

By Jen Appel | March 17, 2020

Sheri Fiske Schultz has been dedicated to committees within her profession and in the greater community since the beginning of her career and has been a well-known trailblazer here with the Jewish Federation of Broward County over the past few decades.  As a mother and business woman, she acknowledges that Federation is not only a…

Man of the moment: Jarred Elmar

By samanthav | January 17, 2020

Jarred Elmar is the Managing Partner of The Geneva Group, a leading real estate investment and property services firm specializing in acquiring and managing commercial properties, such as neighborhood retail centers, light industrial and small bay warehouse complexes, office buildings, and multi-family apartments. Since 1999, Jarred and his partners have acquired and managed their own…

Chai Lighting: Joe & Robbi Alexander

By samanthav | November 10, 2019

Dr. Joe Alexander is the type of man to hold the door for passers-by and give just the right greeting to each one.  His greatest cheerleader and wife, Robbi Alexander, is the type of woman to give you a piece of her heart and educated perspective that you hadn’t realized you needed.  The Alexanders win…

Chai Lighting: Lori Adelson

By samanthav | July 10, 2019

Lori Adelson has inspired many as she turned her journey in South Florida into her life’s mission. In her brief, experience-rich 6 years as a leader in the Jewish Federation of Broward County, Lori has been actively living her legacy by sharing her voice, mentoring aspiring leaders and unifying her philanthropic, professional and legal worlds…